Primary Care Attorney

If you’ve never heard the term “Primary Care Attorney” you’re not alone. Most business owners haven’t either and it’s cost them a lot of time, money and aggravation.

Many of you have long term primary care doctors; men and women you literally trust with your lives. If you have a health issue, an ache or pain, or something just doesn’t feel right, you call them first. They may not treat every condition you have, but they can get you to the right specialist for whatever ails you.

A “Primary Care Attorney” fills the same role for your business. They know you and your business well and are your first call before you send in a bid, sign a new contract, respond to the text or email from a disgruntled client or employee, or pick up the phone and call the lawyer who just sued you.

Like your primary care doctor, your “Primary Care Attorney” diagnoses your legal issues, and if he or she doesn’t handle your issue, they help you find the right specialist and be the quarterback of your legal time so that every legal matter best serves you and your business.

Your business may have several lawsuits going on at the same time. Too often, the cases are about different subjects or in different locations. As a result, you may have different lawyers or law firms handling each case and none of them have any knowledge of or perspective about how each of them fits together or how positions or discovery in their case may affect the other cases.

You need a lawyer with enough experience and perspective to oversee all of that litigation and to coordinate it so each piece fits in the strategic plan to protect you and your business. Once you find that lawyer, you only have to deal with one lawyer who directs the activities of all of the others.

Finding a lawyer with the breadth of experience to be a “Primary Care Attorney” isn’t easy. No matter how bright they are or how good a law school they attended, it takes decades for any lawyer to see enough problems and solutions to fill that role.

After nearly 40 years of experience as a business trial lawyer, I’ve seen virtually every problem a business owner faces and can spot the problems early, help you avoid expensive mistakes, and smooth out the growth and protection of your business and your personal assets.

“Avoiding problems on the front end is typically far less expensive than trying to fix them later. I’m available to discuss all your legal issues before you make any costly — or potentially fatal — business decisions.” – Attorney Stanley T. Padgett

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