Complex Litigation

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What is “Complex Litigation?”

Complex litigation is any court battle with multiple parties in multiple jurisdictions, large amounts of money at stake, lengthy trials, or complex legal issues. These cases involve unique legal issues rarely faced by corporate law attorneys without complex litigation experience.

Think of it as “Bet the Company Litigation.” If the matter has so much money involved, or so many different cases going on that if you lose you go out of business, or legal issues that could destroy your business, that’s complex litigation.

Do you have to hire a large law firm to handle complex litigation? No, and you’ll probably save a lot of money in legal fees if you don’t. You need a lawyer with complex litigation experience who can assemble a winning legal team from one or more law firms and manage that team like a star NFL quarterback. If you could hire Tom Brady to quarterback your company’s football team, would you do it?

Finding a lawyer with the experience to quarterback complex litigation isn’t easy. No matter how bright they are or how good a law school they attended, it takes decades for any lawyer to see enough problems and solutions to fill that role.

After nearly 40 years of experience as a business trial lawyer, I’ve seen virtually every type of complex litigation problem and managed my way through them. You can get the benefit of that experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring a large law firm.

I don’t need to charge you rates to support a large law firm infrastructure, multiple offices, or have you pay the training cost for multiple associates and paralegals. I read your chart and diagnose your legal problem myself, and then we work together to create a strategic plan to navigate our way through the rocks and shoals to safe harbor.

If you have or anticipate a bet the company case and want a quarterback or a second opinion, schedule a consultation by completing the email form below. Once we make sure we don’t have a conflict of interest, we’ll send you a link to allow you to book time on Mr. Padgett’s calendar.

From Stan’s interview for the Masters of the Courtroom series on