Unexpected costs could prompt intense construction disputes

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Breach of Contract

There may be a variety of factors to address when preparing a thorough strategy for a construction project prior to initiating operations. However, even if you exercise caution during the planning stages, it could prove nearly impossible to predict every issue that might arise on the site of a project in Florida.

One of the most imposing issues that might arise could involve unexpected costs, and even if this stems from a scenario that is out of your control, such issues may still prompt intense disputes. Knowing some common causes of unexpected expenses could be vital to taking measures to protect your interests.

Common causes

Unexpected expenses can take a dire toll on all parties involved in a project, and although there are a multitude of issues that could lead to cost overrun, certain types of issues may prove more common than others, such as:

  • Project scope concerns: Any issues with the scope of a project or in accurately estimating the costs thereof could create various concerns, some of which could prove costly in nature.
  • Project design flaws: Flaws in the design or blueprints of a project remain a common cause of cost overrun, and such issues could prompt a need to revisit initial plans and make various modifications.
  • Issues with communication: As there may be numerous parties operating on a project at any given time, issues with lack of communication may also increase the risks of an unfavorable result.
  • Project scheduling issues: Issues with project scheduling remain far too common, and such issues could also lead to various concerns that could disrupt a project and cause costly delays.

Studies indicate that cost overrun remains unfortunately common in the construction industry, and as such, knowing your options and the next steps to take when facing such issues could prove imperative.

When disputes arise

Construction disputes can be hotly contested matters, and the outcome of such disputes could take a significant toll on the well-being of your business endeavors. With so much at stake, seeking insight on your available options and the outlets through which to seek an acceptable resolution may play a vital role in helping you prepare for what comes next. Such guidance could help you better understand what to expect from the process and how to prepare a strategy with which to safeguard your interests via the appropriate channels.